About Us

"The Store"

Harrington isn't big. We are it for groceries, food, etc. We take that responsibility seriously. As the one place our residents can stop in without driving 20 miles and shop, we strive to stock items we think you will need or want. We also do our very best to keep our prices low. The small town grocery business is tricky - we don't deal in huge volumes like the big guys so keeping things reasonable can be tricky, but we do our very best to keep you shopping local.

What do we carry? Well… a little of this, a little of that… We keep the basic grocery items including fresh meat, frozen foods, fresh foods including fruit and produce as well as beer, wine, and more. Sometimes it’s best to call or send a message through Facebook to see if we have what you need. We care about our community and want to serve you the best that we can. Let us know, and if there’s an item that you would purchase regularly, we can probably bring it in for you. Don’t forget – Shop Local!